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Now Releasing Heights of Doon Village
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The Heights of Doon Village

Gatto Homes Inc. is proud to release their newest subdivision project, Heights of Doon Village Green. Located in the south west end of Kitchener, Doon Village offers prime lots for the next generation of homeowners.

This project is unique as it offers multigenerational families a comfortable and functional space to stay together. Each home is designed to accommodate for the many intricacies of a family dynamic. With an attached lower apartment, have the peace of mind knowing your loved ones of older generations are footsteps away, while still having independent living spaces.

We ensure each home is built with pride, dedication and craftsmanship, offering top of the line amenities, high-quality finishes and perfectly designed floor plans.




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Both our Ingersoll and Guelph locations are now sold out.
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Gatto Homes officially launched their new "Net Zero Ready" Townhomes

Gatto Homes officially launched their new "Net Zero Ready" Townhomes
On September 30th, and with ceremonial shovels in hand, Gatto Homes officially launched their new "Net Zero Ready" Townhomes in the south end of Guelph, catapulting Gatto Homes Inc. as an industry leader for Green and Reusable Energy.. Alongside local dignitaries, enhanced partners, friends and family, Gatto Homes officially broke ground to commence the construction of the first set of "Net Zero Ready" Townhomes ever to be built in Ontario. "Gatto Homes Inc. and the Gatto family personally is honoured to be recognized as the first homebuilder in Ontario to construct and offer Net Zero Ready Townhomes to our customers. Allowing our homeowners the ability to disconnect from the “grid” and live in a home that is able to produce its own energy on an annual basis is something that we as a small custom homebuilder from Guelph could only ever dream of being able to do." says Oscar Gatto., President of Gatto Homes Inc. "To have the ability to offer our homeowners a home that can sustain its own needs and have the possibility of returning unused energy back to local providers, well we think that is just truly amazing."
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Net Zero Ready

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