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EnergyStarLogoHelping the environment and potentially saving you money with energy-efficient homes

One of the great advantages when building a new Gatto Home is your option to create a high level of energy efficiency. We can design every house, semi, and bungalow, over and above what's required by today’s standard building codes and regulations. Gatto Homes is able to build high quality, Energy Star homes that, on average, are 20% more energy efficient than standard new homes. That's great for your wallet and fantastic for the environment too!

What are Energy Star Homes?

You are probably familiar with the blue Energy Star sticker on products and appliances, indicating they offer premium energy efficiency. Since 2005, that mark can also be applied to new homes that offer high energy efficiency and is environmentally-friendly.

Energy Star homes include features specifically designed for optimum energy savings, such as:
  • Modern, efficient heating and cooling systems (whether separate furnace, A/C or integrated HVAC) that use less energy and reduce indoor humidity
  • ENERGY STAR windows, patio doors, and skylights that retain heat in winter and keep rooms cool during the summer heat
  • Highly insulated floors and ceilings for reduced heat loss
  • ENERGY STAR appliances and systems within the home that use less electricity
  • An energy recovery system (HRV or ERV) for better ventilation and family health
All these measures ensure that your home uses around 20% less energy, and will save you money over conventionally built homes each and every year.

Who can build ENERGY STAR homes?

Not every home building company can build ENERGY STAR homes; builders need to be specially trained and licensed by the Government of Canada. Gatto Homes is fully licensed to create luxurious and energy efficient ENERGY STAR homes, and have been awarded a label and certificate by the Government in recognition.

What's more, when you buy an ENERGY STAR home from Gatto Homes, you will receive an NRCan ENERGY STAR certificate and label proving your home meets the exacting standards required.

Gatto Homes also offers an ENERGY STAR home to meet R-2000 levels by including clean air and other environmental features to ensure your home is operating at maximum energy-efficiency all year round.

If owning an Energy Star home is something that interests you, please speak to our staff today.

How do ENERGY STAR homes help the environment?

ENERGY STAR homes use around 20% less energy, so that means each home draws less from the national grid. If every home was an ENERGY STAR home, Ontario could cut power production by 20%, saving on the use of fossil fuels, and reducing emissions.

ENERGY STAR homes are highly insulated, so they don't 'leak' heat, which saves on energy costs and reducing the impact on your immediate environment.

ENERGY STAR homes incorporate the latest energy-saving devices and environmentally-friendly technology, which are less damaging to the environment both in production and eventual disposal, as well as everyday use.

What is the EnerGuide Rating System?

Builders can use the EnerGuide Rating System devised by Natural Resources Canada to ensure your new home meets a pre-set energy efficiency target. However, it is not a requirement that an ENERGY STAR home has an EnerGuide rating - call us for full details.

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