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Gatto Homes officially launched their new "Net Zero Ready" Townhomes

Gatto Homes officially launched their new "Net Zero Ready" Townhomes
On September 30th, and with ceremonial shovels in hand, Gatto Homes officially launched their new "Net Zero Ready" Townhomes in the south end of Guelph, catapulting Gatto Homes Inc. as an industry leader for Green and Reusable Energy.. Alongside local dignitaries, enhanced partners, friends and family, Gatto Homes officially broke ground to commence the construction of the first set of "Net Zero Ready" Townhomes ever to be built in Ontario. "Gatto Homes Inc. and the Gatto family personally is honoured to be recognized as the first homebuilder in Ontario to construct and offer Net Zero Ready Townhomes to our customers. Allowing our homeowners the ability to disconnect from the “grid” and live in a home that is able to produce its own energy on an annual basis is something that we as a small custom homebuilder from Guelph could only ever dream of being able to do." says Oscar Gatto., President of Gatto Homes Inc. "To have the ability to offer our homeowners a home that can sustain its own needs and have the possibility of returning unused energy back to local providers, well we think that is just truly amazing."

Technology today has come a long way since Guido Gatto began building homes in 1969. R4 walls, single pane windows and 130,000+ BTU furnaces use to be the standard . Today, Gatto Homes is constructing the majority of their homes using insulation up to R34 on the walls, triple pane glass windows and 30,000 BTU furnaces. Every Gatto home is built with the solid foundation of quality and commitment.

Gatto Homes "Net Zero Ready" Towns are being built in collaboration with Owens Corning Canada, Building Knowledge Canada, Dashwood, Hy-Mark, Dettson, and Moen. Gatto Homes Inc.’s Enhanced Comfort Enclosure System incorporates the Owens Corning Air Barrier System which addresses the three principals of building science; heat flow, air flow and moisture flow; all in one application. This system delivers an exceptional indoor living environment that provides Gatto Homes’ customers a comfortable, quiet and durable home. "Owens Corning is pleased to be working with Gatto Homes and delivering home owners exceptional comfort and energy savings. It’s not a question of if, but rather when Net Zero Ready homes will become a standard in our industry. Gatto Homes Inc. is committed to making it happen." states Mr. Andy Goyda, Market Development Manager with Owens Corning Canada and member of the Net Zero Energy Council. Once the domain of executive, detached, and custom homes only, the Net Zero Ready Townhomes project looks to bring the Net Zero concept to the average home buyer. These homes aim to be an innovative leap forward in the home construction business. Going above and beyond "building to code" to provide future homeowners a comfortable, quiet and durable home that is 77% more efficient and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Distinguished guests Mayor Cam Guthrie, MP Lloyd Longfield and MPP Liz Sandals were on hand at Gatto's Ground Breaking Ceremony and all congratulated the family owned and operated Gatto Homes Inc. on achieving this milestone accomplishment and expressed excitement to be part of a project that is working ahead of the curve. Mr. Bob Finnigan , President of the Canadian Home Builders Association, and Mr. Shawn Marsh of the Guelph and District Home Builders Association were also on hand to say some words of support for the celebrations. “The CHBA would like to congratulate the team at Gatto Homes for being among the first to achieve this milestone under our new program.” says Sonja Winkelmann, CHBA Director of Net Zero Energy Housing. “We would also like to thank the CHBA’s NZE Qualified experts that supported the project - the Service Organization EnerQuality and Building Knowledge - for the third party testing and inspections. Together, the builders, their teams, and CHBA have reached a monumental point in Canadian housing.”

If you are interested in learning more about the "Net Zero Ready" Towns or a detached "Energy Star" single custom home, contact Lynn Lamon at 519-265-1251.


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